Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching is a form of strengths-based support for people with addictions, or in recovery from alcohol, drugs, codependency, or other addictive behaviors. By Grace Recovery Services' Coaches will not only motivate and inspire your loved ones, but also support them in making a complete lifestyle change. Just as substance use disorder touches every aspect of the client's life, so does a new path of recovery. Our professional support and advocacy ensures that the client progresses at a gentle-yet-effective pace that ensures their needs are being met through concrete goals and actions without them feeling overwhelmed.

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Sober Companion

Life requires that we show up for events, but for anyone new in recovery this can cause anxiety and activate possible triggers. Having support and encouragement through tricky and stressful events helps your loved one utilize new coping skills in real time and reduces the risk of relapse. By Grace Recovery Services' sober companions are available 24/7 through all modes of communication for a variety of situations, no matter how large or small, with tailored support for the client's needs to get from one location to the next in an efficient, timely, and responsible manner.

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Sober Transport

We provide safe transport with experienced professionals that understand the fears surrounding events and appointments that your loved one is required to attend. By Grace Recovery Services' experienced Recovery Coach bring your loved one to and from events and appointments is the safest way to avoid a potentially triggering situations. Sober transport will not only help your loved one to plan for their event, but also process any new fears that may arise from their event. Navigating physical transitions in sobriety is challenging enough: we'll provide the emotional scaffolding as well as physical safety required so that clients can feel safe and secure during transport.

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Certified Personal Trainers & Holistic Health Coaches

Physical health and nutrition is often a largely overlooked, but crucial part of recovery. By working with By Grace Recovery Services' Certified Personal Trainers to develop a healthy, sustainable exercise and nutrition program, clients achieve a sense of accomplishment that builds confidence and self esteem. Our physical fitness/nutrition programs are designed to build mental and physical strength along with a healthy work ethic and attitude that will help you excel in every aspect of life. A healthy, nourished body and attitude towards physical wellness is elemental to a holistic recovery from substances. Our diverse and unique approach to physical well-being, which incorporates exercise, supplementation, and health coaching, allows clients to feel good about their physical form, which allows them to go deeper when navigating the emotional and spiritual aspects of recovery.

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Family Coaching

Addiction is a family disease and the best way to help anyone recover is to treat the whole family while addressing individual needs. As much as the addict needs a coach, so does the family. By Grace Recovery Services' Family Coaches pick up the pieces that active addiction left in its wake and work towards tailoring action plans for recovery that support the entire family. Recovery involves new, uncharted terrain and we're here to help alleviate and heal the ripple effect of substance use disorder on the family, which can manifest in major and minor ways.

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CT Recovery Services

Though our office is based in Fairfield County, CT, our recovery services are mobile and we would be happy to come to you. By Grace Recovery Services' covers a wide area in Connecticut and New York, including as New Haven county, Westchester county and the five boroughs of New York City. Wherever you are, we will do our best to have someone meet with you. We want to share the joys of a life in recovery with our clients and distance need not be a factor in determining whether we get to work with you.


Danielle and Mike are an amazing team dedicated to saving lives .... and nurturing lives beyond the initial stages of recovery . I can speak first hand about Danielle and her complete, persistent and unwaivering dedication to someone very special to us. Danielle is a rock. Strong... but sensitive .... Intuitive .... REAL..... and a true professional. If someone you love is struggling with alcohol or drugs I highly recommend Grace Recovery Services ...a personalized and complete approach to the journey of restoration and healing. We are blessed beyond words to know Danielle and Mike . Trust me ... you will be in great hands working with Grace Recovery Services.

By Grace Recovery Services is the only reason I am sober and alive today. Danielle has brought me back from absolute hopelessness to a life of gratitude and peace. She consistently reaches out to me and my family to ensure our well being. She helped me repair not only my relationships with those around me, but also learn how to start to repair myself. Thank you Danielle and By Grace Recovery for showing me there is a way to stay sober and love myself, too.

Danielle and Mike are an amazing, unified team who put patients care first. I have utilized them for for various services pertaining to patients seeking Treatmenr for SA or MH. Whether it be intervention services, sober transport, recovery coaching, or life skills, By Grace Recovery Services is the team to call. Highly Recommended!

By Grace Recovery has changed my life for the better. Danielle was there to help me when I couldn't help myself and had a huge role in communicating with my family in that hard time. Danielle has saved and helped me get my life back and I could not be more grateful.

Danielle has done so much for me in recovery!! If you have the option to add her in your journey I highly recommend doing so.

We have known Mike for several years. We have watched his struggles and celebrate his successes. He has been with us throughout our son's recent struggles. He gives us hope and support. Add Danielle to Mike and you have a strong and passionate team. Please do not hesitate to contact them if you or someone you know needs support.

Danielle and Mike are the real deal - they understand the 3 fold disease of addiction - physical, mental, and spiritual. They both live and breath recovery, and they can help you too!

Danielle is a life saver in the truest sense of the words. Working with her on a regular basis has been an essential part of my success in recovery. I would not be where I am today without her.

By Grace Recovery Services is a multifaceted Recovery Coaching program. We employ and work closely with many specialist and industry leaders to utilize all relevant methods and therapies. This helps us to create individualized programs, that gives you and your loved one the best chances at recovery.