24/7 Emergency Treatment Placement

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Too often when it comes to those struggling with addiction, the help they need isn't available at the time they need it. By Grace Recovery Services seeks to prioritize safety and recovery with our 24/7 emergency addiction treatment services.

Our treatment advisors will:

Gets important background information and present you with treatment options
Arrange detox and in-patient services from our vast pool of recovery resources to suit your specific recovery needs
Arrange any necessary transportation
Assist with any commitments and responsibilities you may need throughout your recovery process
Arrange any necessary after-care services
Work closely with any and all treatment providers to eliminate any unecessary stressors throughout your recovery process

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Our emergency treatment advisors are always available to get you the help you need when you need it. You can expect top-notch care no matter what time of day or night it is. We can even handle transportation to get you to your destination.

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By Grace Recovery Services is a multifaceted Recovery Coaching program. We employ and work closely with many specialist and industry leaders to utilize all relevant methods and therapies. This helps us to create individualized programs, that gives you and your loved one the best chances at recovery.