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Danielle Meldon-Cestari

Danielle's passion and purpose working with individuals starting their recovery journey, started with her own. With each new challenge that was faced, Danielle continuously found deeper ways to address the underlying issues. Recovery for her wasn't just about putting down the substances. It was about learning how to navigate through old behaviors and patterns that had been instilled years before the drink and drugs came into play. During active addiction, all the old behaviors and patterns were reinforced with situations we keep ourselves surrounded with.

After years of trauma therapy, holistic health care practices, making a complete lifestyle change and working in the treatment field for well over a decade, Danielle works intensely with families and clients to help customize and restructure peoples' lives. Years of training and education has lead her down a path of understanding the root causes of addiction. It all starts with our belief system. Now it is unraveling the old belief system and learning a new. Freedom comes with understanding who we were and having the tools to change to become who we envision ourselves to be.

Danielle is a what you see, is what you get person. Danielle is passionate about living life the way she chooses. Adventures, concerts, embracing life to the fullest and living in the moment. Danielle is direct and compassionate. This is not the time to sugarcoat when it comes to peoples' lives. Danielle's life motto is "Living a purpose driven life on borrowed time."

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