BGRS does not pay for referrals or get paid for outbound referrals

While we work with other specialty providers such as therapists, nutritionists, psychiatrists and healthcare facilities to ensure a holistic approach for our clients, we do not give or receive financial payment for inbound or outbound referrals. To partake in this practice would seriously breach the ethical standards we proudly align ourselves with. Our strong reputation within the industry ensures that you and your loved one will be in stellar hands. Give us a call to find out who we work with and how we can assist in finding you the support you need.

BGRS doesn't guarantee permanent recovery

While we will do everything in our scope of services to support and assist our clients, we cannot ensure that a client will stay abstinent from alcohol and drugs once they are out of our care. We can make helpful suggestions and provide referrals, however the onus is also on the client to want to recover as well. Additionally, we cannot diagnose our clients, nor act as therapists or healthcare practitioners when it is not in our place to do so.

BGRS decision making is based solely on the best interest of the client

Our decisions are made in alignment with genuine concern and care for our client, without personal gain or any agenda except to help you and your loved one in the best way we can. We advocate for a recovery that is nourishing, balanced, fun, and sustainable for the client. We want clients to thrive and become independent in their recoveries. All services are 100% confidential and kept within our structural scaffolding of trust and safety. Our extensive-yet-flexible services ensure that each recovery plan is tailored uniquely to the needs of each individual, eschewing a one-size-fits-all approach.

BGRS doesn't have any hidden fees that aren't discussed up front

We believe in transparency around all of our services, including any and all fees. If services are not utilized, refunds will be issued as needed. If our costs are a hindrance to you, please do not hesitate to give us a call to discuss what options would fit within your financial means and what we can do to assist with payment plans. We believe in democratizing recovery services and providing equal access and care to those striving to live a substance-free life. We know how putting the drink and drug down can radically shift the course of one's life and we want to ensure that we can help others do the same.

By Grace Recovery Services is a multifaceted Recovery Coaching program. We employ and work closely with many specialist and industry leaders to utilize all relevant methods and therapies. This helps us to create individualized programs, that gives you and your loved one the best chances at recovery.