When having an intervention, our approach is designed around love, compassion and specifically geared towards the individual and the individual family dynamic.
Having an intervention should never be a shameful process to a loved one that is struggling with SUD. The goal of an intervention is to safely take the individual to treatment and having them agree to go.
Every family dynamic is different and in designing an intervention, it is vital to understand the background of both family and the individual that may need treatment. Interventions are not just for the individual struggling. Each family member has been affected emotionally, physically, and even financially. Addiction is a family disease and that is why we take the approach of treating the family as a whole when designing an intervention.
After taking the time to understand the family system, we will be ready to take the next steps. Working with professionals will help walk you through the process of locating treatment options that make sense. We work with a number of treatment facilities across the country and will find the perfect fit for your loved one (Please refer to our Ethics Statement). It is also important to have a before, during, and aftercare plan once an individual agrees to go to treatment. We will map out and design this plan from the beginning. No family will walk into an intervention not knowing next steps. We will continue to work with you and your family while the individual is in treatment to help support you and your family as the ups and downs occur with the individual receiving help. We will also work closely with the treatment facility where the individual will be receiving treatment to be able to truly meet someone exactly where they are at in the recovery process.
Details, safety and strategic planning is key! We will wrap our arms around you, your family, and your loved ones struggling.